A truly local girl, Tammy Wasai Fisher was born and raised on Oahu, Hawaii where she graduated from Castle Highschool and later from University of Hawaii Manoa. Tammy confesses, “I couldn’t see myself anywhere else, that might be why I take so much pride in helping my clients make Hawaii their home too.” Licensed since 2010, Tammy has a vast experience and history working in the Real Estate industry from numerous stand-points. Tammy brings true value to her clients having spent 3 years in Hawaii Escrow services, twelve years of experience assisting charitable gifting of real estate, and countless sales and purchases of project condominium units. “What really sparked my interest in Real Estate came from my time with a local Escrow company. I would talk with different realtors, lenders and their clients to keep all parties in communication and solving issues that would arise along the transaction,” explains Tammy. Tammy’s competitive nature assists her in supporting her clients in the most effective way possible. “Real Estate is a big purchase; for many of my clients, it is a life changing purchase,” says Tammy. “Knowing my clients are trusting me to represent them in the purchase or sale of their property fuels my drive to work tirelessly for them. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work for my clients, many whom I have become good friends with, that I commit everything I can to help them achieve their Real Estate goals.” In her spare time, Tammy is proud to help coach children of Trilogy Brazilian Jujitsu in Waipahu where she encourages little G’s to learn self-defense, discipline, focus, and the skills to increase their self-confidence. As a part of Trilogy BJJ, Tammy and the coaching staff continuously give back to the local community. Most recently, Tammy’s team co-hosted an 8 hour ‘Roll-A-Thon’ to help raise funds for Cauliflower Collectives, a not-for-profit organization supporting children in foster care and special needs children in martial arts training.