I am a real estate advisor, an ugliest house seeker, a do-it-yourself home improver, a shoe addict, a lover of hip-hop and soul, an adventurous eater, a sometimes but not really gym goer, a bleeder of purple and gold (Washington Huskies and LA Lakers, forever) and a loyal Seattle sports fan. I enjoy a good conversation, travel to new places, noodle soups of every kind and the company of my always happy furry friend, Paploo. When my grandparents purchased their first home, they had one bathroom for a family of eight and slept on the living room floor. It wasn’t much, but it instilled pride and provided stability and opportunities for their family. Homeownership represents one of the most significant decisions that individuals and families will make. The opportunity to help people through this important and exciting process, and play a part in bringing their dreams to fruition, is what drew me to this profession and continues to motivate me to grow and provide better service. As a real estate advisor, I believe that it’s important to really listen to my clients, understand their goals and needs and create a customized, comprehensive strategy for success. To that end, I consult with the appropriate professionals—financial planners, tax advisors, estate planners—to assist clients in making informed decisions regarding their investments. I also believe in taking the time to educate my clients prior to and throughout the process to ensure that they are comfortable, confident and able to enjoy a smooth and positive experience. Most importantly, I am committed to providing honest professional advice; protecting the interests of my clients is always my highest priority.

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